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Описание тест-драйва:

Англоязычная версия тест-драйва новой Витары. Русскоязычный обзор: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5uvl... Suzuki Vitara is a quite special SUV. Unlike most of its rivals, Vitara is well known for its ruggedness and off-road capabilities (relatively, of course). With every single iteration it was becoming bigger, more expensive and, frankly, thirstier in its fuel consumption.
Recently Japanese manufacturer introduced new generation of Vitara. It lost “Grand” from its name and actually doesn’t have anything in common with its predecessor, maybe apart from a couple of style queues in the front. Actually it’s far more closer to SX4 with witch Vitara shares a bit shortened platform. That’s why the newcomer’s body is 125mm shorter than SX4’s, wheelbase got a 100mm cut, while the ground clearance is bigger – 185mm.
The latter figure gives the clue about the main differences between new Vitara and SX4 – the core principles and, may we say, car’s philosophy.