Коды на тест драйв анлимитед на деньги 1 44a

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TDU2 1 Million in 1 minute. READ THIS!!
1. You must have a Ibiza Cup.
2.All race must be done on GOLD.if u want this glitch you must done teh CUp and don't leave, quick take the speed challenge and ride 60 times to earned 60 millions $ because after is doesn't work ;/
3.Take the challenge Speed: Sant Antoni FIelds.
4.If u have done all Cup on GOLD, you can drive this challenge but don't turn off the system or if u signed out don't signed in because you will be brought to the titlle screen and it's will be a new game data of TDU2 so if u done this cup take the speed challenge and ride so long as u want.
5.60 minutes= 60 millions
6.You can ride this challenge !!
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BTW. Sorry for my english :)